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Charles Fleck of German American Named to Indiana Statewide CDC Southern Loan Committee
Charles L. Fleck, Sr., Regional Executive Vice President of German American Jasper is a new member of the Southern Loan Committee of the Indiana Statewide Certified Development Corporation.

Indiana Statewide CDC works with local lenders to provide loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program for expanding companies. Congress created the SBA 504 program to help small businesses gain favorable financing terms and retain operating cash while expanding. Indiana Statewide CDC is the leading SBA 504 lender in Indiana.

As a member of the loan committee, Fleck will review loan applications from small businesses seeking 504 financing from the Indiana Statewide CDC and a commercial lender.

Fleck focuses on commercial loans for German American in Lawrence and Monroe counties, and is involved in direct loan relationships throughout Indiana. German American is a bank, insurance company and investment firm based in Jasper.

Fleck says, "The Statewide CDC and German American have similar missions: a belief in and commitment to the economic success of the areas we serve. I am happy to have been associated with the Statewide CDC as a lender and I look forward to contributing what I can to further its success."

"The SBA 504 program, and particularly the ISCDC has assisted banks in promoting the economic development in their respective footprints for years. The program allows borrowers to conserve capital and obtain fixed rate, long term financing at favorable terms. Banks utilize the program to manage collateral exposure as well as single borrower exposure and their own lending limit constraints. This partnership with the ISCDC, Lender and Borrower is a winning combination for all," Fleck says.

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