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Rose Family Counseling Center receives loan from Community Investment Fund of Indiana
Lake County's Rose Family Counseling Center will be able to help more families thanks to receiving a working-capital loan from the Community Investment Fund of Indiana.

Rose Family Counseling Center (Rose) provides emotional support and assistance for parents who need help with child-raising and homemaking skills. Rose operates six treatment facilities in Lake County.

Rose Chief Executive Officer Sherlonda Nixon says parents may come to Rose Family Counseling voluntarily, or under orders from Lake County courts. Nixon started Rose Family Counseling in early 2018. She was previously a senior therapist at Edgewater Systems in Gary.

The Community Investment Fund of Indiana (CIFI) loans operating and expansion capital to Indiana's smallest businesses. Most are minority-owned, newer businesses that may not qualify for conventional financing. CIFI is funded by Indiana banks, other business organizations, and grants.

Initially, Rose Family Counseling Center generated revenue from clients and referrals. Rose recently was awarded new contracts from Geminus Community Partners Corporation and Choices Coordinator Care Solutions.

Nixon says the new working-capital loan from CIFI is helping Rose hire and support additional counselors and staff in the time gap between providing services, invoicing the referring agencies and receiving payment.

Nixon says Rose is expanding because the demand for therapeutic counseling services is greater than the capacity of Lake County and Northwestern Indiana family support agencies. She says, "CIFI is helping us at a perfect time. And through us, CIFI is reaching out to support the families of Northwest Indiana."

Families or individuals wanting to reach Rose should call (219) 888-9992.

Phil Black, CIFI's executive director, says, "Ms. Nixon has Rose Family Counseling on a growth trajectory, and our loan will help support that growth at a critical time when Rose's services are in demand by families who may be in crisis."

Black adds, "Critical to our success the partnership we have with Lake County Community Economic Development Department (LCCEDD). Jointly, we set up a fund exclusively for Lake County small and microenterprise businesss that need access to capital to start or expand businesses in Lake County."

CIFI has loaned over $4 million and leveraged an additional $50 million in community development and business loans.and has helped create or sustain 558 jobs.

Nixon has also worked as a behavioral health advisor for Saint Margret Mercy Healthcare in Dyer, Indiana and as a mediator and marriage & family therapist for the Family & Children Association in Brooklyn and Mineola, New York.


Community Investment Fund of Indiana (CIFI) ( provides loans and access to community development services to small businesses, low-income individuals, economic development groups and housing developers in low-and-moderate income areas of Indiana. CIFI is a private non-profit lender funded by banks and other members of the Indiana business community. Banks can earn a CRA (Federal Community Reinvestment Act) Credit for investing in CIFI. CIFI has loaned $4 million and leveraged an additional $50 million in community development and business loans.and has helped create or sustain 558 jobs.

Many CIFI borrowers are the smallest companies that request loans of $10,000 to $50,000 for supporting general working capital needs. They fall under the radar of many other lending programs.

CIFI is co-managed by Cambridge Capital Management Corp. of Indianapolis. For 37 years, Cambridge Capital has provided non-traditional financing to small businesses located throughout Indiana.

Rose Family Counseling Center assists families in moving through and recovering from traumas caused by emotional and mental issues, including illness, addiction, and other family stress points. Rose staff members assist families by advocating, teaching, demonstrating and monitoring life skills. Rose's treatment facilities include two in Merrillville and one each in East Chicago, Hammond, Highland and Lake Station.

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