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Growth Capital In Partnership With Your Bank Lender

The Credit Corp manages a pool of risk capital provided by more than 30 Indiana banks that is used to supplement conventional financing with additional growth capital. Credit Corp steps in with mezzanine funding when the Lender is not in a position to offer a conventional loan package that meets the borrower’s needs. By partnering with Credit Corp the Lender can leverage its lending capacity.

Why Credit Corp

The Credit Corp has been assisting Lenders and borrowers since 1986 when it was formed to meet the need for medium and long-term growth financing for promising firms which could not qualify for conventional loans. We have the experience to know the type of financing that will work best in a particular situation. We will take the time to really get to know the individuals and the business so that we can structure a financing package that is personal to the particular needs of the applicant.

How It Works

The Credit Corp takes a subordinate collateral position, participating in projects that need at least $200,000 in total new financing. The Credit Corp can provide $100,000 - $500,000 but not more than 50% of the project financing.

Member Bank
  • Senior Position
  • 50% or More of the Project
  • Conventional Rates
  • Revolving or Term
Credit Corp
  • Subordinate Position
  • Flexible Amortization
  • Price based on risk with a current interest rate and variable transaction fee

The pricing and structure are established to allow the borrower to return to conventional financing as soon as possible. However, the availability of a long amortization provides maximum flexibility in matching debt service to a company’s cash flow.

If you are interested in a Credit Corporation loan, or becoming a member bank, contact our office at 317-843-9704
Charles Kennedy Ext. 124

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