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Eligible Use Of Funds
  • Land
  • Acquisition of Existing Builing
  • New Construction
  • Fixed Assets from Business Acquisition
  • Building Expansion / Renovation
  • Long-Term Equipment
  • Professional Fees
  • Lender's Interim Points & Interest
  • Debt Refinance (Expansion Projects - debt refi may not exceed 50% of the new expansion costs)
Ineligible Use Of Funds
  • Working Capital
  • Inventory
  • Goodwill Assets from Business Acquisition
  • Franchise Fees
  • Tenant Improvements
Typical Project Structure
typical ISCDC Project Structure

Maximum Loan (SBA Portion)
  • $5.0 Millon (Typical Project)
  • $5.5 Millon (Manufacturers)
  • $5.5 Millon (If Certain Energy Public Policy Goals Are Met)
  • No Maximum Limit Placed on Participating Lender's Loan Portion
Borrower's Injection
  • 10% in Most Cases
  • 15% for Start-Up Businesses (Less Than Two Years In Operation) or Special-Purpose Properties
  • 20% if The Project is Both a Start-Up and Special-Purpose Property
  • Equipment-Only Loans may Qualify with 10% or 15% Injection

Lender Tools

Reference Guide
Appraisal Requirements
Environmental Requirements
Environmental Flow Chart and Sensitive Industries List
Credit Not Available Form
Life Insurance Guidelines
Lease Resource Guide

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